Broken! Don't start none! Broken! Won't be none!

According to Jason:

Nobody minds when I cook, clean, wash laundry or dishes; why is a dress such a stretch? If a skirt, heels or hose damage your opinion of me that much how strong could it have been in the first place? If that skirt or dress is a problem for you then while we have already identified the owner of the problem perhaps we can work together to build a solution. You could also visit my Complaint Manager

Auth Unkn:

The cure for ignorance is education; the cure for stupidity is death!

A Rose!

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2014 ChristmaSolstice Oaf!

This site exists for two purposes. It's a place for me to be who and what I am without trying to pretend I am anybody or anything I'm not. Like me this place is a work in progress. Both of the sides you see pictured are equally valuable to me since they are both equally me. Learn about it Here!

The other purpose is for me to learn more about how websites, webservers and other devices work. It won't be any surprise for anyone familiar with me at all to hear I'm pretty nuts about computers.

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A page inspired by Launa!

My Dad:

If the worst thing you do in a given day is put on a skirt or a dress you must be pretty ok!

A Rose!